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Title 24 is contained in the California Code of Regulations (CCR) and is the embodiment of most of the construction and energy conservation requirements for the state. The California Building Code (CBC) contains all regulations, including the current Energy Efficiency Standards (EES) found in part six of the CBC. To help you meet the requirements, the state and other organizations offer a wide range of resources and information.

Home Energy Saver™

Discover the best ways to save energy. The Home Energy Saver is designed to help consumers find resources to reduce energy output, save money, and help the earth.


Home Performance with ENERGY STAR is a national program from the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy offering a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving efficiency and comfort while helping to protect the environment. ENERGY STAR also provides articles, case studies, products, and manufacturers for reflective roof products.

California Home Energy Rating System (HERS)

The California HERS Program offers field verification and diagnostic testing through certified providers. Third-party inspections ensure duct sealing, thermostatic expansion valves (TXVs), refrigerant charges, airflow measurements, and building envelope sealing measures comply with the 2005 standards (effective October 1, 2005).

California Energy Commission

The Energy Commission adopted the 2008 Standards on April 23, 2008, approving them for publication on September 11, 2008. The 2008 Residential Compliance Manual was adopted on December 17, 2008, and the 2008 Non-Residential Compliance Manual is scheduled for adoption in January 2010.

California Building Climate Zone Map

Download a detailed map of California's 16 climate zones. You can also find lists of climate zones by city or zip code.

Consumer Energy Center - Cool Roofs

The California Energy Commission provides an overview of cool roofs and their benefits. The site also includes a FAQ and links to related cool roof resources, including videos and product guides.

American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA)

This association of window, door, curtain wall, and skylight manufacturers features a Certified Products Directory as well as AAMA standard and certification information and summaries of publications available for purchase.

Efficient Windows Collaborative

The Efficient Windows Collaborative provides impartial information on the benefits of energy efficient windows. Their resources help you understand the different glazes and window types as well as how they work. You can also make use of their window selection tool, fact sheets, tool kits, and incentive information.

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